Art Slam!

As my first step toward financial independence and entrepreneurship, Rebecca and I took a trip to the local Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Library.  This newly renovated building is filled to the brim with incredible resources; there is even a maker space with a 3-D printer for public use!  Right as we entered the building through the cafe entrance, a shimmering shining necklace of crystals and copper caught my attention.  The wearer was a smiling young man who exuded positive energy.  I immediately complimented his necklace and asked if he had made it.  He began to show me his wife’s business, a copper and crystal jewelry boutique.  He and I had an instant connection and began discussing entrepreneurship and how simply INTENDING to accomplish something tends to lead to completion.  We were so enthralled with each other that Rebecca disappeared into the abyss of the 3 story library unnoticed.

I learned that my new friend, let’s call him L.B., was a slam poet, and entrepreneur.  He had recently left his full time job to pursue his poetry business full time.  Winston-Slam is a poetry slam event held throughout the month and L.B. is a major player in the Winston-Salem poetry scene.  His connectedness with influential people throughout the city is boggling.  He also runs the coffee shop for fun!  When I brought up my concept of a cross-cultured arts/music studio, his entire demeanor changed.  He looked me straight in the eyes and said, “That is going to happen this year.”  Taken aback I asked what he meant.  He went on to tell me that many artists and poets and musicians in Winston-Salem shared my dream, and that he had been trying to get the idea in motion for a while.  He asked me to meet with him on Monday to begin planning our new idea.

I met with him at a little coffee shop called “Coffee Park Airstream”.  He introduced me to the owner of the coffee shop, and I began to pitch my idea.  I told the owner, Tommy, that I had no entrepreneurship or business experience, but that I was passionate and ready to get started.  He began to spill out names and organizations of influential people I should talk to, and even offered L.B. and me a space to test out our new idea: an art slam.  The pieces are now in motion, and L.B. and I are planning on running Winston-Salem’s first underground art slam in February of this year.  We hope to use the art slam to test out the concept of cross culturing various artistic mediums.

Three days ago, I had no idea what entrepreneurship was.  Three days ago I was lamenting the lack of control I had over my own destiny.  Three days ago, I felt like I had no support system in the new city I had moved to.  Today I KNOW that I can accomplish anything.  I know I am not alone in this city.  All it took for me to meet L.B., meet Tommy, and start down the path of creating Winston-Salem’s first ever art slam, was to simply DO what I perceived to be the next step: go to the library.  Doing has so much more power than simply thinking.  I was able to think about my ideas and fantasize about them, but it wasn’t until I took a step to make my dreams REALITY, that I began to see results.

L.B. and I have a lot in common, we both have no idea what we are doing, and we both believe we can do whatever we want.  We both believe that our destiny is simply the result of our conscious effort to manifest our dreams.  L.B. lives by the mantra “speak it, and it shall be.”  I cannot stress this enough: what you say, is what you will become.  If you SAY you cannot accomplish something, you will not accomplish anything.  If you SAY you will succeed, than you will succeed.  By vocalizing our desires, we INVEST in our own destiny.  By speaking what we believe is true about ourselves, we give our consciousness a tangible blueprint for success.  The next time you feel hopeless, or like you have no control, SPEAK that control into your life.  I promise, if you speak it, it shall be.  Oh and come to downtown Winston for some ART SLAMS!