Monteverde Cloud Forest + Review of Cabinas El Pueblo



(Wall art at the Monteverde bus station)


Pura vida, friends!

This month I am in Costa Rica, completing my student teaching semester with a five-week international experience at a school in San Jose. Last week I shadowed classes in a 7th grade English classroom and got to know my teachers and students, all of whom are lovely and welcoming. But this week is the semana santa, A.K.A. holy week, A.A.K.A. spring break… And that means exploring!!

After fastidiously reviewing several Costa Rica travel guides, my friends and I decided on a voyage to the Monteverde Cloud Forest. We read about the lush green rainforest, abundance of wildlife, and exciting array of adventurous activities available, and immediately knew the cloud forest was one place we had to see. Let me tell you… Monteverde did not disappoint.

Over three days we went on a coffee tour and a night hike, horseback riding, zip lining, and ficus tree climbing. Since we were in the mountains, the weather was incredible–breezy and cool–and the scenery was breathtaking, especially when viewed zooming along a cable hundreds of feet in the air. There’s something there for everyone, whether you’re a huge adrenaline junkie (alas, none of my travel companions would agree to bungie jumping) or you want to just relax and enjoy the scenery. If you’re planning a trip to Costa Rica, I HIGHLY recommend making a visit.



Why, yes. Doing handstands on a swinging bridge in the middle of the rainforest is one of my favorite hobbies!

While we were in Monteverde, we stayed at the Cabinas El Pueblo. The Cabinas are located just outside of the downtown tourist area of Monteverde, which meant we were within walking distance of several restaurants and cheap eateries, souvenir shops, and grocery stores. At $35 a night for a four-person room, this place is astoundingly affordable–and well-worth every penny.



You had me at swan-themed towel-gami.

The owner, Freddie, was friendly and welcoming, and he was incredibly helpful as we got settled and started figuring out how to explore Monteverde. He gave us a map of the area scribbled over with tons of notes about the best places to visit and how to get there. Later, when we decided which activities we wanted to do, he signed us up for the times we wanted and arranged for transportation to pick us up from the Cabinas. We were worried about how we would find our way around in the unknown area, so this was a huge help!

Our room was lovely, colorful, and clean, and the Cabinas also offered a porch and a sunny lounge area with comfortable hammock seating. This ended up being a favorite place for us to congregate and chill for a while after an exciting morning of adventures.


Best of all, the Cabinas offer a delicious free breakfast! Every day a full breakfast spread would be cooked hot just for you, including pancakes or an omelet, fresh fruit, eggs, ham, toast, coffee, and fresh fruit juice. It definitely made me excited to get up each day.


I live for these banana pancakes, y’all. They were crispy, cinnamon-y, and goooooood.

Overall I would give Cabinas a 10 out of 10, and highly recommend them to anyone looking to visit Monteverde. However, one important note and possible downside is that the owner, Freddie, speaks little or no English. Luckily two people in our group are competent in conversational Spanish, and we were also able to talk to his teenage son, who does speak English. But if his son isn’t around and no one in your group remembers much from your high school Spanish class, you might have some trouble doing things like making reservations for tourist/adventure activities, unless you go to an outside organization to book.

I loved my time in Monteverde, and I would love to go back. (I heard that they’re looking for more teachers. Does that mean I can move there?)

Tomorrow we’re leaving again to visit a beach called Manuel Antonio. I’m looking forward to more adventures in this beautiful country!

Until next time,




Disclaimer: I have not been compensated in any way for writing this review. All opinions are my own.

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