Starting the Journey

Hello, and welcome to Becoming Weird!

We’re Rebecca and Thomas, and we are (currently) your average, normal twenty-somethings: She’s finishing up a Bachelor’s degree; he’s working and pursuing music on the side. But our plans for the future are a little different.

Our dream is to become really, really weird.



“Weird” is our shorthand for the three concepts we want to build our life around: loving people, living simply, and growing in creativity.

We consider living this way to be “weird” because, well–not many people do it. We have grown up seeing hate-filled prejudices and unnecessary division, an insatiable consumerist appetite that only serves to promote inequality and overtax our Earth, and a nation full of people who consume far, far more than they create. We’ve watched these practices tear apart relationships and leave people feeling purposeless, frustrated, and miserable. And we’ve made up our minds to live our lives much differently.

So that’s where you come in. We’re not that weird… Yet.

Over the next few years, we want to radically change our lives: Downsizing our living spaces and our expenses, learning to love and share life with the people around us, and carving out more space for the creative practices that mean the most to us, like painting, writing, and making music. We’ll be chronicling that journey–our successes, our failures, and our lessons learned–here. And along the way, we hope to encourage you to make your life a little weirder, too.

Because, guess what? That thing that your mom told you in middle school turned out to be true: “Weird is the new cool.” 

Thanks for reading–We can’t wait to start this journey with you.


The Weirdos

(Rebecca and Thomas)

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